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Get to Work

If nerds were cool, I’d be Ryan Gosling cool.

(Was that a good choice?!  I don’t really know.  He was in a movie with Steve Carell, and he seemed like pretty much the coolest dude on the planet.  The ladies sure like him.  He’s an old school cop in the prohibition era in his newest flick.  That seems mature cool to me.  Anyway, maybe I should get back on topic…)

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a business model for a local coffee house where I live.   Tonight alone, I’ve spent two hours writing out a plan and refining the philosophy and core values of the joint.  Here’s the kicker:  I’ve never really planned on opening up a coffee shop.  

It’s just an idea.  One that I think would be a lot of fun.  Who knows if the idea will ever find action and become some living, breathing, thing that exists in this scary world.  The whole thing was generated by the frustration of driving around one evening, looking for somewhere to write that wasn’t a fast food joint, and wasn’t dead.  Turns out, there’s nowhere like that where I live.

I mean, Ryan Gosling sure wouldn’t be happy with our selections.  And, that’s pretty much the gauge of cool, I guess.

So, I turned the frustration into brainstorming.  And actually came up with a workable idea, I think.  Actually, I think it’s an amazing idea…but, then again, I might be a little biased towards myself.  Is that healthy?  Unhealthy?  Eh, that’s beside the point.  You should know, though, that when I say “idea” what I really mean is “pages full of explicit detail ranging from product promotion, customer satisfaction and retention, gig levels, a swear jar for anytime someone uses the words “lame”, “boring”, or “can’t”, and indoor/outdoor decor right down to the outdoor stone fireplace.  Even merch.”

Yeah.  I wasn’t kidding about that nerd thing.

So why am I telling you about all of this?  Why should you care about an idea I have that may never ever see the light of day?  What does my imaginary coffeeshop have to do with you?

This:  It doesn’t matter how outlandish your idea is, give it some credibility.  

Flesh it out and give it a chance to breathe.  Don’t shut it down immediately because it doesn’t seem plausible or feasible.  WRITE.IT.DOWN.  And then, go crazy with it.  Talk to people about it.  Tweet about it.  Read about people who are doing similar things.  Connect with them.  WRITE.IT.DOWN (again).

The truth is, no one really knows if that idea will happen.  But the important thing is giving it a chance.  I think you have some incredible ideas;  maybe it’s time you start giving them some credibility.  Our world will be better if you turn your creativity loose.

Who knows, maybe one day we can talk about your idea-turned-action at my imaginary-turned-real coffee shop.  Just don’t use the word “lame.”  And don’t bother Ryan Gosling.  He stops in from time to time to make us look cooler.

Comment below and tell me;  What big, crazy idea are you going to write down this week?