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Chick-fil-a founder and chairman S. Truett Cathy, from the July 23, 2007 issue of Forbes

Chick-fil-a founder and chairman S. Truett Cathy, from the July 23, 2007 issue of Forbes

Ok, so I’m still on the fence about posting this, but starting today, I’m going on a thirty-day vegan diet.  Yup.  It’s happening.

It seems like anytime you say the word vegan, people automatically have reservations and closely held assumptions.  Before I went into this, I’ll admit that I had some.  I’ve been pretty mum about the whole thing, except for sharing with a handful of people who I normally surround myself with (co-workers, and friends).  I’ve told them because I think it might be important for them to understand why I will be eating differently, or skipping some outings.  They’ve had some interesting reactions.

And somehow, lots more people have found out.  And it’s kind of become a thing.  And people have had some things to say about it.  Weird, right?!

So, being a writer and all, I thought that maybe I should be blogging about this whole ordeal since people have had such polarizing reactions.  And, I think that it will help me through the lows of this whole process, to sort of live it out with you as a sounding board and a community that I value.

I realize that many of you may not care about this.  And, that’s okay.  I’m couching these posts on a separate page of my blog, under the title of “30Vegan” and will share some of my struggles and thoughts through the whole process.  This will be the only post regarding my thirty-day challenge that will be featured on the main feed/page of my blog.

I also want to make sure that I’m not angry at anyone for their reactions, nor am I saying that my friends are weird, or negative people.  Obviously they are the best people that I know.  Okay, they are weird.  But, so am I.  This isn’t an attempt to defend myself to anyone or anything like that, or to prove anything to anyone.  This is just a way to explain a bit more definitively what’s going on with me.

So, here’s why I’m going vegan for thirty days.  (Don’t worry, there are no Jesus-Jukes ahead):

  1. There are times where I feel overwhelmed and struggle with minor depression, and in those moments, I medicate with fast food.  It fills a void in a way that I don’t understand, and that gives me a bit of concern.  Vegan is a way of removing an unhealthy way of sidestepping something in my heart.
  2. I have pretty unhealthy eating habits.  I’m a single dude, with a busy schedule.  I tend to eat quickly, and look for cheap options.  That usually results in a lot of chinese takeout, wings and beer at b-dubs, and a lot of unhealthy snacks mixed in.  So, vegan is a way of forcing me to identify what I am eating and why I am eating it. I’m hoping that it helps correct some of my nonchalant dieting habits by giving me a taste for fresh, organic foods.
  3. The obvious is that I want to lose some weight.  I work out regularly, but my aforementioned diet usually slows my progress.
  4. I am generally not great at following through with things.  I start something, and find it exciting and fun because it’s new.  But once the shine wears off, I have a terrible tendency for my attention to wane.  This is the major reason for this challenge;  to attack my self-discipline struggles in a real, tangible way.

And, that’s it.  I’m not doing it as some part of a religious thing.  I do think that God cares about what we eat, but not in a hipster, trendy, vegan kind of way.  I think He cares about it in the way that our dieting habits tend to reveal something true about our inner selves.

And that’s what I’m hoping to uncover through this whole process;  something surprising about myself.