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Offensively Fair

The Gospel is offensively fair.

If I’m honest, that often catches me off guard.  I run into people everyday that I’ve labelled and written off.  People who are arrogant, or jerks.  They are my list toppers for people that I don’t expect to get a shot at grace.  But then I read something like this…

Yet the Lord laid on Him (Jesus) the sins of us all.  (Isaiah 53:6)

All.  That’s a word that I have a problem with.  I want the Gospel to be just in the way that I understand justness;  that those of us with church trophies and mission trip souvenirs get access to the good stuff.  But God’s fairness bears a different standard from what I consider to be fair.

Yet, the Lord laid on Him the sins of us all.  

Us all.  All sins.  The sins of the bullied and the sins of the bully.  The sins of the gay and the sins of the straight.  The sins of the prosperous and the sins of the beggar.  The sins of skinny people and the sins of fat people.  The sins of beautiful people and the sins of ugly people.  The sins of the prude and the sins of the promiscuous.  The sins of the virgin and sins of the porn addict.  The sins of the abuser and the sins of the peace-maker.  The sins of the humble and the sins of the power-starved.  The sins of those who cheat the system and the sins of those who need the system.  The sins of the upper class, middle class, and no class.  The sins of the lottery winner and the sins of the welfare recipient.  The sins of the adulterer and the sins of the gossip.  The sins of the lazy and the sins of the workaholic.  The sins of the wholesome and the sins of the devious.  The sins of you.  The sins of me.

On Him.  

Not on our shoulders.  Not on us.  What a dangerous approach to redemption, this unprejudiced grace.  How much risk is involved for God?  It seems to put Him in a precarious position.  And, for what end?  What does He stand to gain from it all?




Yeah.  That’s really it.  All that He stands to gain if things go according to plan is you.  He really is that in love with us.  Our sins, on His back.  That’s what He’s willing to do just to know us.  It’s not about knowing the right answers or being the most spiritual person in the room.  It’s not about figuring it all out, or getting in the club.  It’s not about growing churches or attending them.

It’s about the mystery, complexity, and simplicity of it all.

The God who flings stars into existence, created it all for you.  He’s been woo’ing you ever since.  In the good and the bad.  When you understand His ways, and when His ways seem different than yours.  And if it’s true that He’s woo’ing you, then it’s also true that He’s woo’ing that person you despise.

Love isn’t a Sunday school lesson, or a sermon point.  It’s the offensively fair way that things are meant to be.

Comment below and tell me;  What’s a dangerous way that you can tangibly exhibit love this week?