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Adventure Somewhere

Today is an opportunity.

An adventure in seeking and finding.

So seek, and be surprised with the finding.

Grace is both more fun and more potent when you participate.

Today holds potential.

It’s a beginning.  Things are new this week.

The story doesn’t have to take the same course as yesterday.

Perhaps today’s chapter will be the turning point in the story.

Today is valuable.

Created and designed with great care.

Today is not accidental, nor left to chance.

Hidden somewhere in today, is a will.  His will.

Today is a new day.

We can be sleepy, irritable, and deflated.  (It is Monday, after all.)

Or we can be wide-eyed adventures starting out.

Today, child, God watches over your steps, cheering you on.

Don’t you dare wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is for those who’ve waited too long and hid behind too many excuses.

“You’re gooder than that.” 

Today is for you, the brave ones.

Somewhere in your everyday, there is an adventure.

Somewhere in your weakness, there is strength.

Somewhere in your failings, there is victory.

For somewhere in you, there is God.

And in the event that you need an extra nudge (trust me, you do), here’s Kid President to drop kick your boring excuses right in pants: