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Be of Courage

No one needed to tell Jesus what mankind was really like.   –John 2:25  

I wouldn’t trust me either.

Not with my track record.  Not with my tired history.  Countless times in our relationship, I’ve said one thing to Your face, and did something else in private.  Time and time again I have chosen to indulge my selfish habits rather than seek and walk in Your will.  I’ve praised You on Sunday morning with arms lifted high, and hid in my room looking at porn on Sunday night.  I love the stage and the spotlight, and have used Your name as a cover to garner me just a little fame.  I’ve taken advantage of people, ignored people, and bullied people.

Meh.  A crooked car salesman seems more dependable than me.

And yet, though I was deserving of hell, You brought heaven to me.  You didn’t wait for me to hit rock bottom.  You didn’t wait for me to come around.  You didn’t even wait  for me to ask.  You interrupted my life with grace and  disrupted my habits with mercy.  The narrative of my life is being re-written, not because I’ve earned it, but because You’ve willed it.

Like wine from water at a wedding, Your grace slipped in under the radar and changed everything.  How is thank You enough?  

Comment below and tell me;  What are you thankful for today?