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End is Beginning

This is for those of us who find ourselves feeling a bit lost.

Let’s just stand face to face with our situations..

We are the torn ones.  The ones with histories that haunt, scars that don’t easily cover up, and mistakes emblazoned on our foreheads.  We are noticeable and stand out in the crowd, but not in the way that we hope.  We are the down and outs, the cast aways, the leftovers, the tossed outs, and the left-behinds.

To most people and sometimes, admittedly, to ourselves, we don’t have much left to offer.  We’ve proven ourselves out, and found ourselves a bit lacking.  Our time is up, our opportunity has passed, and our resources have been squandered.  We’ve made one too many mistakes, failed to live up to one too many promises, and fell one too many times.

In this season, we are not ourselves. 

We are not who we should be, or who we can be, or we are made to be.  We’ve not yet arrived at the version of ourselves that will forge our legacies.  We’re in the middle somewhere.  In progress.

That’s why we must not give up.  Not now.  Not ever.  

This is a season, not a legacy.  This is a moment, not a destiny.  This is not forever;  this is able to be overcome.  The story is able to be edited, redacted, and rewritten.  

All the best stories involve the overcoming of impossible obstacles.  The characters find themselves on the edge of walking away and throwing in the towel, but somehow they find the courage to keep going.  This is your deciding moment;  here in the after-math of whatever went wrong is your beginning or your ending.  It’s your choice.  Yeah, it’s a choice.

This may very well be the end of a chapter, perhaps even the end of a section.  But, I hope you don’t let it be the end of your story.  

There are too many blank pages filled with potential for you lay down the pen.  

Comment below and tell me;  how do you manage to pick yourself up after failure or disappointment?