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Art takes its time

Hey, Saturday hustlers;

I see you.  I know what it’s like to wake up before the world on a Saturday to practice and experiment with your craft.  You work all week at a “regular” job, and book your nights and weekends with your “dream” job.  You’re designers and writers, photographers and musicians, entrepreneurs and pastors;  and you do it all without making bank. 

You’ve got coffee (frenchpress if you’re a hipster type) and redbull coursing through your viens, and sleep feels like an exotic luxury.  Your brain rarely turns off, and you’ve got way too many scribbled-on napkins laying around.  Not many people understand your schedule or your habits.  They think you’re a bit too invested in your “hobby.”

Hobby can be an pretty offensive term when used in the wrong context.  

If you haven’t shipped yet, or haven’t hit your stride, it’s okay.  Art is developed.  It’s not overnight and it’s not instantly realized.  Art takes it’s time.  It’s got to be looked at, investigated, pondered upon for its’ true beauty to come to the surface.

If you have hit your stride, but have hit a bit of a rough patch, don’t fret.  The best stories involve overcoming impossible obstacles. Your story isn’t finished just because times have gotten tough.  Learn to adapt, ask tough questions, seek wise counsel, and steady your hands.

So this morning, let’s help each other out.  Comment below and share your tenacity with us.  

What drives you?  What motivates and inspires you?  What keeps you moving forward?  What gives you the desire to continually refine and reshape your craft?  What gives you the tenacity to keep going if you’re unnoticed?  If no one picks up your EP?  If you only have 5 blog subscribers?  If you book one photography client every other month?  If your small business hasn’t skyrocketed like you thought it would?  When twenty people (including the band) show up on Sunday?   

The paycheck and notoriety don’t determine your value.  Keep going, with love, passion, creativity, and joy.  I’m proud to be a part of a community of dreamers and doers like yourselves.