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make things new

Not too long ago, I listened to a preacher condemn my generation for wanting more out of life and expecting more out of church.  In a single sermon, he flippantly dismissed our dreams and rebuked our desires to see the church creatively affect our culture. Surprisingly it was not the first time that I’d heard that sentiment, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Fear too often barks from our pulpits.

Where is our desire to dream?  Why is fear-mongering our most often used tactic?  Where is our partnership?  Our leveraging of our gifts and creativity?  Why have we given up so easily, argued so readily, and settled so quickly for something less than the kingdom of Jesus?  Is it fear?  Is it laziness?  Pride?

I guess there are a thousand answers to those questions, and even more excuses to hide behind.  And perhaps the questions are less about us and more about me.

Where is my desire to dream?  Where is my partnership?  Where am I leveraging my creativity for the kingdom?  Why have I given up so easily?  Argued so readily?  Why have I settled so quickly for something less than the kingdom of Jesus?

I guess fear too often hides in our own hearts as well.

Let us be a people who seek to make things new, rather than hide as things get worse.  Let us be a people who are disruptive not with protests and shouts, but with creativity and compassion.  Let us be a people who refuse to settle for half-empty church buildings or glitzy light shows, and be a people who unleash grace and hope.

And one more thing…

If we find churches to be quiet places, where subordination is expected and dreams are dismissed, let us be a people who revolt.  Let us not allow personalities or positions to trump the Gospel.  For the kingdom of God is not about fear and timidity and who has a microphone; but about God reclaiming this world and making all things new.

Comment below and tell me;  When is a time that church has left you frustrated?  Did you find a way to overcome that frustration, or is it still with you?