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Shadows have a way of lingering around.

The darkness has a way of seeping in and settling before we’re prepared.  It’s a bit sneaky like that;  slowly hugging the last moments of light, casting mesmerizing and intriguing shadows before completely stealing the familiar sights and scenes around us.

At first, the darkness is a bit intriguing.  It’s different, and perhaps we romanticize it a bit.  But it soon becomes suffocating, inhibiting, and debilitating.  We struggle to find our footing, stumbling forward with outstretched hands hoping to warn us of what’s ahead.

Keep stumbling, wanderer.  

Adventure is hiding in the shadows.  We are, perhaps,  just a bit afraid of it.  We are afraid of the different.  Afraid of the pain.  Afraid of the failing.  Afraid of the stumbling.  Afraid of the unknown.  Afraid that it will always be this way.

This is no place to set up camp.  No place to make our bed, and wait it out.  If we rest here, we stay here.  And the darkness is no place for staying.  

How true that we often convince ourselves otherwise.

We too easily believe that this season of darkness will last.  We too easily think that the shadows will always be around.  The desperation, the sadness, the anger, the bitterness, the grudge, the empty checkbook, the addiction;  we too easily find ourselves setting up camp amid the darkness.

Keep stumbling, wanderer.  

Through the shadows, light will seep. From the sadness, joy will leak out.  From the anger, forgiveness will build.  From the fear and trepidation, courage will take root.   Even in the most moonless and haunting nights, morning will come.

In the beginning, God’s first creative act broke through the darkness.  It was light, but it was so much more.  It was a declaration. It was a voice, defiantly and confidently shouting, “It will not stay dark forever.”

So stumble on, wanderer, for God is here with you.  

Comment below and tell me;  are you struggling through a season right now?  How can I pray for you?