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I just spent an hour on a website called Concernedmembers.com.  Did I have an hour to spare tonight?  Not really.  Did that matter?  Nope.


Each night I try and take some time and catch up on my social feeds, and came across a post from an acquaintance.

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As you are probably doing now, I did some quick googling.  And I couldn’t have been more simultaneously entertained and frustrated.  The site operates as a forum for “members” to air their frustrations and voice their concerns about their (or, more likely, other) churches.

Yeah.  True story.  It exists.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative.  Truth be told, I used to do that a lot on this blog.  It was a trying time in my life, and I found some healing and some validation in writing.  It helped relieve the tension, but it didn’t really help me to do anything productive with my angst.  For the most part, I’ve gotten beyond the bitterness that I used to harbor.

But stuff like this conjures up a lot of old feelings.

It serves as a reminder that these sorts of tired fights and loud bullhorns are not the Gospel.  It is a form of spiritual oppression;  a leveraging of one’s puffed up authority to pull others into line.

The Gospel is a moving, breathing, living force.  It’s not worn out like tired practices and archaic traditions.  It’s not held back by outdated notions and misunderstandings.  The Gospel is an advancing movement, making all things new that stand in it’s path.

Oh that we would fall in love with grace more than our ability to adhere to “doctrine.”  Maybe then, being Christian would actually be about following Jesus.   

Comment below and tell me; Do you have a similar story?  Have you ever had someone call you out like this?