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There’s really only one thing holding you back from living out your best story: FEAR.  

The fear that you’ll fail.  The fear that you won’t add up.  The fear that you’ll stall out.  The fear that you’ll get beat.  The fear that you won’t be first.  The fear that nobody will get you.  The fear that no one will listen….

Fear has a lot of outlets, but in the end, it’s still fear.  And it always voices a pretty convincing argument.  So, how do you beat it?



Isn’t that comforting?!

The truth is, if you’re an artist of any breed or tribe, fear will always be a part of your art.  It’s the fear that makes us vulnerable, and vulnerability births the most remarkable art that connects with souls and heartbeats.

We don’t get to beat fear, ever.  But at the same time, fear doesn’t get to beat us.  We have a choice to fight and wrestle fear into submission.  And the way that we force fear into our corner is through stubborn persistence.  

Fear held in submission can be a powerful thing.

It holds us in check by forcing us to articulate our motives for creating.  It scrutinizes our work, making sure that we are offering our best effort.  It refines our heart and callouses our nerves, pushing us to define the possibility of our passions.

Sure, fear may win an argument here or there.  It may bring up a valid point or two when it shouts in our ears.  But, it only wins when we give up and walk away.

Fear’s greatest fear is your stubborn persistence to keep going.  To keep creating.  To keep evolving.  To keep churning out art.  To keep trying.  If fear is holding you back, know that you have a choice.  A choice to sit back and fall in line; or a choice to stubbornly persist that a better story is possible.  Beating fear is as simple and difficult as not giving up.

I think that it’s time to resolve to give fear something to fear.   Comment below and tell me:  What’s the one thing holding you back from chasing after your dream?