Jake’s creativity and ability to take big ideas and make them tangible is a true gift.

– Jen Wright, missionary in Honduras

Sometimes, we all need a nudge.

Whether you are a church, an event, a non-profit, or an individual looking to take the next step toward your potential, Jake is a trusted voice of wisdom for moving forward.  Having a dream is one thing, but working toward it is something totally different.

Jake’s coaching specialties include:

  • The One Thing – discovering your vision, and guarding it with your life.
  • Social Media – on leveraging social media to engage your target market.
  • Environments – creating unique environments and spaces which sell your ideas.
  • Branding Matters – why a strong, singular message is important and how to find and present yours.
  • Creative Marketing – marketing is not selling.  It’s building and leveraging your influence to engage people as passionate as you.

Working as a freelance copy writer/creative for a social media marketing company (Adept Marketing in Columbus, Ohio) has given Jake an immeasurable amount of experience in the realm of social media, marketing, and telling your story in a better way.  He’s also been hired by churches and groups to help them better understand the potential of their stories.

Jake would love to set up an appointment to speak with you, your leadership team, your volunteers, or your organization on the power of your brand and the potential of your story.  If you are interested, you may contact Jake here for more information.

Whether it is websites, designs, or just creative ideas for anything, Jake is always one of this first people I go to. It’s tough to be taken serious as an artist without professional designs and websites. I can definitely say Jake Kaufman has played a huge role in taking my music from a hobby to a career. I’m extremely thankful for his work.

Anthony Mossburg, Christian artist

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