Jake’s teaching calls us to be better.  Better meaning rooted in the very core of how God made us and who He is, and how God has always called and sent people.  God spoke directly into the lives of several of my students and adult friends through this  tour, and the message is still resonating ….

– Arlene Kasselman,  Amarillo TX

With a knack for weaving together surprising and compelling stories, Jake Kaufman is a thought provoking and passionate communicator. He is an ambitious storyteller, with a heart for stories that matter and make a difference.  With a ton of energy, a little A.D.D., and a whole lot of creativity, Jake is able to connect with a variety of audiences, inviting them to dream about what’s possible when they stop settling for small stories and start investing in greater things.

Jake has spoken at many events including youth rallies, church camps, college classes, college campus devotionals, chapels, and various other events.  He even holds the honor of being the first male speaker invited to speak at the Women of Purpose Conference held in West Virginia.

Jake would be honored to speak at your next event.  For booking information, please contact kaufman.jake@gmail.com.  

While able to adapt and speak on a multitude of topics, some of Jake’s most requested speaking presentations include:

  • Cravings – a lesson in desire for better things
  • Kingdom – uncovering what Jesus means about the kingdom and why it’s important
  • Rhythm – discovering a pattern of spirituality which embraces humanity, growth, and compassion
  • Leadership – an adventure in creative leadership and how to generate influence
  • Creativity – leveraging the crazy people in your church and keeping them happy
  • Hustle – separating dreams from fantasies, and why it’s important

Upon request, Jake can create a custom message for your event, group, or church in keeping with your theme and content.  Contact him today!

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