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It’s all a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

You have this thing pounding inside your chest;  this out of control, raging, smothering feeling that you’re meant to do something different and extraordinary.   If you’re like most dreamers, you struggle to clearly articulate what that actually looks like in your life.

What you clearly know is that you don’t want to be normal.  The whole idea of normal doesn’t just bother you, it offends you.  Deeply.

And it’s overwhelming because it seems so obscure and so beyond the realm of possibility.  It’s fun to dream about it and talk about it;  but when it’s time to advance toward it, our steps stammer and our words stutter.

Look, I don’t really know how you’ll get from where you are now to where you want to be.  I know a lot about strategies and vision statements, and can offer educated opinions and informed consultations;  but, in the end, there’s a distinctive element of the unknown that comes into play when chasing after that “thing” taking over your heart.  Much of the time spent chasing your dream is spent in the in between space;  that space between defining your vision and actually living it out. 

In the in between space, things can get dicey and confusing.  Things can become quickly murky and easily distracting.  And it’s often too easy to give up in these times.

But, here’s what you need to know about yourself to keep going:

You aren’t normal.  You’ve been created individually, wonderfully, and uniquely in the image of God.  The breath that flung stars to the farthest corners of the galaxies has found it’s way to your nostrils.  The same love that invented wintry snow-filled afternoons, kangaroos, and caffeine-laden coffee beans wove together this wonderful being called you.

And you’ve been created for a purpose.  Not by accident, or flippantly, but out of vision and desire.  That thing burning in your chest isn’t just an idea;  it’s a God-breathed desire for your life.

Chase after it, even when it seems logical to give up.  And may you know the feeling of reminiscing of your struggles from the other side.  

Comment below and tell me;  How do you keep going when it seems that what you want is impossible?